The Smart Choice

How would you like to have a floor in your place of business that requires no maintenance ? How about a garage floor that’s the envy of your neighborhood? Worried about price? Don’t be!. Polished Concrete – The Smart Choice in Brisbane

Almost any concrete floor, whether old or new, can be polished with a few exceptions.

What is Polished Concrete? Well, it is a concrete beautification system that started as a solution for industrial concrete floors problems and evolved into a medium that has metamorphosed itself into one the fasted growing additions to the Decorative Concrete realm.

Due to the superior durability of polished concrete, more and more commercial, industrial, warehouse and office facilities are choosing concrete floor polishing as a preferred alternative to other options such as marble, granite, linoleum, tile and carpeting.

Little or No Airborne Dust During Polishing. There is a wide array of dye options and color selections available. Polishing will eliminate scuff marks and inhibit water and oil from penetrating your floor. To achieve the stunning end result, we do not use any topical coatings, epoxies or harsh varnishes.

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