Signature Floor Polished Concrete

Signature Floor Polished Concrete

My Floor has taken the traditional mechanical polishing technique to another level and created a finish which is ‘ultra-high gloss’ providing a mirror-like effect without affecting the performance or benefits of traditional polished concrete.

Years ago polished concrete floors were created by grinding the concrete to the required amount of aggregate exposure while applying film coatings or sealers, creating an enhanced wet look on the floors.  Although still visually appealing, these sacrificial coatings require a long term maintenance program which means the floors need to be stripped and re-sealed on a regular basis to keep the floor looking its best.  These on-going costs can be expensive and time consuming.

Our Signature Floor process minimises any long term maintenance as it eliminates any stripping and re-sealing programs.  This complete flooring system involves grinding, treating and polishing the concrete surface with repeatedly using finer diamonds for each pass, to achieve the desired gloss level on the floor.  This process increases the floors ability to resistant against abrasion, impact, and is extremely hard wearing.  The finished polished concrete floor will be low maintenance and cost-effective, we guarantee the floor for years to come with our 10 Year Limited Warranty.

You cannot rush perfection:

In order to achieve a diamond polished concrete floor, its important to understand the process is something that cannot be rushed, or steps skipped.  The system can be time consuming, as there are 10 – 15 steps required to achieve this high-end finish.

Exposing the aggregate:

The process begins by grinding with a course 16/30 grit diamond, and continuing grit by grit, 60/80 grit, 120 grit.  The diamonds are impregnated inside a metal/resin bonded segment, normally the diamond grit size will double once the first or initial grind is carried out.

The polishing process:

We then begin the polishing process with a 50 grit diamond resin pad (instead of metal segments).  When using the resin pads the steps generally include 100 grit, 200 grit, 400 grit, 800 grit, 1500 grit and finish with 3000 grit.  My Floor’s Signature Floor is taken to the next step as we continue polishing to an 8000 grit finish.

Hardening the surface:

A concrete densifier chemical is used throughout the polishing process to harden the surface of the concrete, allowing a suitable substrate to be polished.  By using this hardening chemical the integrity of the concrete will be up to 10 times more durable and hard-wearing than its original density.  This also helps by preventing penetration of water, oils and contaminants.

Creating a seamless-floor:

My Floor will carry out a grouting procedure to fill any holes, cracks or imperfections (as we are treating a natural product).

Protecting your investment:

Finally the surface is sealed with a natural look impregnating sealer, this is not a surface coating, it will penetrate into the pores of the concrete (approx. 2 – 5mm).  This sealer will repel spills from within the concrete, to help prevent against deep staining and aid in the everyday cleaning process.

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