Polished Concrete Floors Gold Coast

Year : 2012| Client : Moxon Timbers | Category : Commercial
Contribution : Polished Concrete Floors| Completion Time : 4 Days

My Floor were contacted by Moxon Timbers, as they had another contractor carrying out the works who had disappeared halfway through the job and left a very untidy looking floor which the clients were not happy with.
Our team rectified the existing works and provided to our client a smooth finish with 99% of the existing holes, and cracks were filled and sealed, ensuring client satisfaction. We then applied 2 coats of a semi-gloss coating.

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We decided to choose a lower cost grinding company who failed to deliver to our expectations. We contacted My Floor to fix the polished concrete, who exceeded our expectations with the quality of service and floor finishing.

Moxon Timbers

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