Polished Concrete Brisbane

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“We’re often asked what makes our polished concrete the best in Brisbane? And our answer is always the same. It’s because of meticulous attention to detail,”
says polished concrete industry expert Matt Pluples.

And the way you’ll know for sure. Is when the day you stand on your completed Brisbane polished concrete floor, you’ll be able to feel it in the finished product. In your space. In the room.

The big problem comes when you’re trying to evaluate who to trust? So, if it’s OK with you, let me break down why our polished concrete solutions might be just what you’re looking for?

First off, one of the reason you might choose our polished concrete Brisbane product is, we use our own trusted in-house craftsmen. We give them the best equipment and materials because this creates the best results.

Also, like you, we want full control of the project. That way we don’t become victims of project delays owing to external circumstances. Sure, there may be a little challenge or two. But that’s where our combined industry experience of 20 years really counts.

Next I want you to imagine what your room might look like? Got it? OK, good. We both know to get your space looking like that needs expert, dedicated attention. So it would make sense to have someone walk with you throughout the project all the way till it’s done. Holding your hand every step of the way.

This starts the day of your pre-installation meeting. Here we’ll get clear on your vision and the unique site specifics. Then you can expect weekly site visits by your very own dedicated project manager. It’s having a single-point-of-contact that makes all the difference.

And it’s this alone that often compels our customers choose us for polished concrete flooring.

Of course we stand by our work. Which is why you’ll get our Polished Concrete Brisbane 10 year-Warranty. Plus we’re really focused on after-sales service. So if there’s a spill or something like that we’re only a phone call away. All this adds up to peace of mind.

Now, we understand each project is unique. And your site may be different. This can affect your polished concrete cost and budget. Which is why you get to choose from our three finishes which include Signature floor, Hiperfloor and Grind and Seal Polished Concrete floors.

That way there’s a solution for almost any budget. And you never have to compromise on quality.

If you’re after the rewarding polished concrete Brisbane experience for your home, art gallery or high end showroom. With features that include durability, design aesthetics and are cost-effective and more. Call 1300 693 566 to find out more.

Polished Concrete Brisbane


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