Polish Up Your Return On Investment

Polished concrete is synonymous with modernism and sophistication. It is a very hard working, low maintenance and versatile flooring solution. Polished concrete also offers cost-effective warmth through a good thermal conductor for radiant floor heating.

By making the decision to install polished concrete, it will transform the aesthetic appeal of the property or business. Additionally it will also increase the value of the property and return on investment for the years to come. When companies and households do the math, they often find that the return on investment for polished concrete durability is great.

Installing Polished Concrete Floor polishes return on investment by;

  1. Improving aesthetic appeal

People love the urban and high-end look of concrete floors. Remember, the first impression will often be the lasting one. Polished concrete is the perfect medium to polish up those first impressions to make them last. Polished concrete floor creates a unifying look that offers a seamless transition from interior to exterior. Due to the durability and low maintenance, the polished concrete look will sustain over time.

  1. Low maintenance costs

Polished concrete offers the lowest overall maintenance system. Fortunately, this type of flooring will not need to be replaced frequently as other types, such as carpeting. When polished concrete floor is installed, maintenance is drastically minimized. You don’t have to worry about buffing wood floors, replacing cracked tiles or cleaning carpeting.

Here at My Polished Concrete we seal the surface with a natural look sealer. This sealer penetrates into the pores of the concrete and closes the pores. The sealer will repel spills from within the concrete, to help prevent against deep staining and aid in the everyday cleaning process.

Your floors will be resealed every two to three years to keep them looking as fresh as when they were installed. Remember, My Polished Concrete offers an industry leading 10-year polished concrete warranty.

  1. Increased property value

Polished Concrete Flooring will increase the overall return on your investment.

Potential tenants and investors will pay more money for a property that has a greater aesthetic appeal, low maintenance costs and good heating properties.

At My Polished Concrete, we live and breathe this stuff everyday. Call My Polished Concrete now to discuss our variety of polish concrete flooring options for your tailor made project. Call now to receive a NO-OBLIGATION free quote.


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