Introducing Hiperfloor by Husqvarna

Hiperfloor is a polishing and finishing process for concrete floors by Husqvarna. It makes your floor a touch more sophisticated with the sheen of an added polish. Better yet, it’s also able to withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an ideal option for businesses and homes alike.

For longevity

This surface lasts a long time because the process isn’t just a coating for the concrete. It actually hardens and shines the concrete itself. Ultimately, the floor becomes more resistant to scratches, dents, and stains even through heavy traffic. In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy the savings made by eliminating the need to constantly repair the finish or replace the floor itself.

Hiperfloor also saves you money through the general upkeep of the floor. It requires very little or regular maintenance. You may occasionally have to buff it to keep the shine you desire, but it still saves you a lot of time and dollars, compared to other options that are on the market.

For the environment

The lack of continual recoating also means it is eco-friendly. You don’t have to regularly use harmful chemicals to coat the floor. The concrete itself will appeal to eco-conscious people due to the fact it is largely made of limestone, and sometimes uses recycled slag concrete, fly ash, or other materials.

The floors even add an energy saving bonus because the shine of the finish means you can use less lighting to brighten a room.

The final eco-friendly bonus of the floors is that it is better for your own health than some carpets and other floor types. These concrete floors are resistant to harmful mould and dust mites, eliminating the need for constant cleaning to keep these at bay.

For versatility

Hiperfloors are good for any shop or household. You can choose from three finishes to ensure you get what best fits your needs. You can get the Premium Finish—which is the best for those needing high-shine and the beauty, without compromising the strength.

Alternatively, you can pick the Commercial Finish, backed by a medium gloss that’s designed for retail stores and shops where beauty matters, but so does the long life and low-maintenance factor of the floor. If you’re looking for a floor where the health and wear are most important, the final option, the Industrial Finish, will be your choice. This is most used in warehouses or other large areas where as much gloss isn’t important.

Whatever your needs may be, all of the finishes will give you the long life, low-maintenance, eco and health friendly benefits that Hiperfloors by Husqvana are known for.

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