Hone and Seal Polished Concrete

Hone and Seal Polished Concrete

Honed concrete provides a unique finish which is durable, stain resistant, low maintenance, non-slip and smooth surface which is a great alternative to exposed aggregate, cover-crete or tiles.

My Floor creates a honed concrete finish by grinding the surface of the concrete to the desired level and honing the surface progressively using finer grades of diamond abrasive tools.  To achieve a non-slip finish, the area cannot be honed/polished to same level of internal polished concrete.  Normally My Floor would grind to a 60 grit finish to achieve an R11 or higher slip rating.

Honed concrete finishes can be used in many applications such as driveways, patios, swimming pool surrounds, public walkways, external pathways of shopping centres, steps/staircases, building foyers.

There are a variety of sealing options to create different effects.

Penetrating sealers – will not change the look or the feel of the concrete, therefore are the best option for commercial or industrial applications which require a high slip rating.  As they are a natural look sealer, they won’t alter or change the look of the concrete.  These sealers are fully penetrating which means they don’t leave a film on top of the concrete, providing excellent slip resistance while remaining UV stable and easy to clean.

Enhancing sealers – will enhance the colour of the concrete and aggregate.  This sealer is a hybrid sealer, which means it penetrates into the concrete while leaving a thin film on top.  A good enhancing sealer will provide a wet look without the gloss.

Surface coatings – such as acrylic sealers, epoxy and polyurethane coatings will provide a gloss finish,

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