Healthy Flooring for Your Family

Polished concrete floors are beautiful, ‘green’, durable, and generally great. However, they also have a huge advantage that is often overlooked. This type of flooring is extremely good for your health. In fact, this is one of the most popular choices for medical facilities, which definitely proves how ‘healthy’ polished concrete is.

It provides relief from allergies

Carpeting is your number one enemy where allergens are concerned. It soaks up microbes, bacteria, dust mites, and other nasty elements that affect your allergies and can cause a variety of other diseases. Keeping your house completely clean is essential for those afflicted by this ailment, and polished concrete flooring will allow you to do this easily.

It protects you from toxic chemicals

Exposure to various toxins from cleaning solutions as well as dangerous chemicals from synthetic carpeting is extremely bad for your health. Considering the amount of time people spend indoors, it’s essential to keep the quality of air inside your home or office high. Carpeting, linoleum, and even wooden floors can’t provide you with absolute protection in this regard because they are treated with various chemical solutions. These elements degrade with time and exposure to sunlight, cleansers, and other factors. Therefore, eventually, they might turn toxic and reduce the quality of indoor air.

Polished concrete is completely free of toxins. What’s even more important is the fact that you don’t need to use any nasty chemical cleansers and other solutions to keep it in excellent condition for years to come. This flooring material doesn’t emit any toxins even as it ages, and you can clean it with absolutely natural solutions.

It’s easy to sanitise

The reason why this type of flooring is such a popular choice for hospitals and other medical facilities is the fact that it makes creating a sanitary environment extremely easy. It can be sanitized by administering a specialized solution and, most importantly, you can keep it clean with minimal effort.

This particular benefit is important not only for medical institutions and doctors’ offices but also for private residences. The number of children suffering from various respiratory disorders is growing by the year, and this type of flooring will help protect your kids from this. It also reduces the risk of children picking up some dangerous bacteria while playing on the floor.

It makes your home brighter

Scientists managed to prove that dull lighting has a detrimental effect on productivity and can affect your emotions. Polished concrete floors reflect the thigh of your lamps and make any room brighter without adding to your energy bill.

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