Introducing Hiperfloor by Husqvarna

Hiperfloor is a polishing and finishing process for concrete floors by Husqvarna. It makes your floor a touch more sophisticated with the sheen of an added [...]

Healthy Flooring for Your Family

Polished concrete floors are beautiful, ‘green’, durable, and generally great. However, they also have a huge advantage that is often overlooked. This type [...]

The Benefits of Great Flooring

If you’re considering polished concrete for one room of your house or business, why not consider it for the other rooms? Any room that has concrete flooring [...]

Polish Up Your Return On Investment

Polished concrete is synonymous with modernism and sophistication. It is a very hard working, low maintenance and versatile flooring solution. Polished [...]

Top Trends

When it comes to flooring options, most people opt for tiles, timber boards or carpet. However, if you are after a really unique look for your space, why not [...]
polished concrete floor

Reliable Flooring Solutions

Right flooring solutions for your residential or commercial space is a very important decision one has to take as it decides the entire look and feel as well [...]
Signature floor

Home flooring Solutions

Home flooring and its different options often confuses everyone which option of home flooring to opt for and thus the decision becomes really tough. These days [...]
Hiperfloor and Grind

Flooring Solutions

There were times when carpets and rugs used to be one of the top most choices when it used to count for flooring solutions. With changing time the technologies [...]

Polish your floors the diamond way

Are you tired of looking at your bland, boring floor everyday? Do you want beautiful, easy-to-clean floors? No need to replace your old floor with an expensive [...]
Floors Shine with Polished Concrete

Floors Shine with Polished Concrete

A home is a person's castle. Most people take pride in their homes. It is like a puzzle piece, the color painted on the wall, the furniture, to the themes and [...]