About Polished Concrete

About Polished Concrete

Choosing the perfect polished concrete floor can be tough. Which is why we like to keep things nice and simple.

So lets take a quick look at some options for you.

Signature Floor

First up is our premium Signature Floor which gives you that beautiful wet-look. Plus it’s really resistant to abrasions and extremely hard wearing and comes with our no quibble 10-year Warranty.
If you’ve guessed that this doesn’t happen overnight you’d be spot on. This kind of perfection requires expert craftsmen and incredible attention to detail.

In all there are around 15 steps to achieve that *look*. First we have to expose the aggregate. Then meticulous polishing. Then we harden the concrete using our special concrete densifier chemical. Polishing again and again. Till it’s just right. Finally we seal it. Giving you peace of mind, knowing you have a non-porous, stain resistant polished floor that is super-easy to maintain all the while looking superb.


If you’re after a polished concrete floor that works in both commercial as well as residential spaces. Then you’ll love our Hiperfloor™ Technology.

The key to achieving this unique, smooth, visually appealing, highly abrasive resistant look you see in the picture.

Is down to our desire to give each space the best possible polished concrete floor.

So what you see is the result of our own industry-defining methods, specialised knowledge and in-house techniques. Each beautifully integrated with the bespoke Husqvarna’s Hiperfloor™ process –It’s not one of those coating or a floor covering products that will lose it’s shine or lustre.

Ultimately it all comes down to our painstaking attention to detail each step of the way. So each step in the process we’re focused transform your existing or new concrete floor by mechanically grinding, treating and polishing the concrete floor surface using advanced diamond technology.

And just like our Signature floor you get a choice of gloss levels including honed satin, semi-gloss or a high gloss producing that mirror like polished concrete floor.

Grind and Seal

Since the days of the Romans man has been fascinated with concrete. Polishing mixtures of stone and cement by hand. Today we like to think with our bespoke Grind and seal we’ve got close to perfection.

So superb finish is just the thing to meet the ever-increasing demand for industrial, commercial and even residential decorative finishes.

And depending on the volume and type of traffic you envisage this surface might last you between one-and–five years. Of course a solid maintenance regime will help you get the best out of your polished concrete flooring.

If you’ve read this far then it’s possible you have some questions.

Call My Floor 1300 693 566 and lets see how we can help you.

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