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Beautiful Polished Concrete Floors in Brisbane and Beyond

For a consistently high standard finish every time, only choose the most trusted name in the industry. My Floor is the industry leader in concrete polishing and grinding, this is the reason why we at Polished Concrete in Brisbane , Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, we use it for all our concrete polishing needs. When you use our services, you can rest assured that all customer assessment will be fully customized, all installation is quality controlled, you will be fully satisfied with the finished result and will want to hire us for any future jobs.

A high quality concrete grinding service

We use the My floor services to carry out our personal signature floor, concrete honing and grinding, Hiperfloor and epoxy floors in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. By utilizing our 30 years of combined experience in concrete polishing we have the ability to guide our customers in a highly effective and cost effective flooring solution for all your upcoming projects. To learn more about the My Floor services, call us on 1300 693 566.

By the time we’ve finished, you’ll be able to enjoy the same high quality polished floor found in the leading art galleries and ultra-modern showrooms. It doesn’t matter if you are converting an old, out-of-order concrete floor, in need of a re-polish or have a newly installed concrete floor, My Floor has the solution for you. My Floor has all it takes to convert your floor into low-maintenance, cost-effective, abrasion-resistant and beautiful polished concrete floor that will be the envy of everyone visiting your premises/home.

Additional advantages our grinding and polishing services offer your concrete floor

We should not forget the extra benefits of having a finely polished concrete floor. Perhaps the most important advantage is avoiding all the nasty, disease causing allergens and bacteria that are common in homes, offices and commercial work spaces. These problems are very common with most traditional flooring systems especially vinyl and carpet. Achieving a perfect finish does not require any miracles, yet does not happen by accidental, which is why we stand out as the premier concrete floor polishing experts in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Our success is attributed to providing quality craftsmanship and employing industry leading equipment and high quality materials.

We always assess the condition of your concrete to ensure it’s worth the gloss that you want us to give it. We know that for us to succeed, we must have perfect knowledge about your project, including its features and design aesthetics, then we must weigh all the challenges and find an appropriate method to tackle them. This is the other major secret behind our success.

We understand that the cost of any epoxy or polished concrete floor solution in Brisbane is critical to a customer when deciding whether to hire them or not. To ensure all our customers can afford our services, we have four finishes and all are priced per square meter. These four finishes also ensure we give your floor the treatment it really deserves, in the simplest process possible. Having a beautiful floor makes everyone visiting have appreciation for it. We manage to do this by continually utilising what we learn to improve the quality of our services. Most of our returning customers are always amazed to realise we now offer a high calibre of services. We have been very active in providing concrete flooring services for over two decades and this enables us to pay full attention to all your needs. If the current selection of services we have for you does not impress, we will fully customize the designs for you.

Why choose My Floor for your next Concrete Polishing Project?

My Floor has solutions for all your concrete grinding and polishing needs and delivers in a timely, professional, and affordable manner. If you need concrete polishing or epoxy flooring services in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, ensure you only choose the best.


We understand that we have customers from all types of economic backgrounds and thus have various plans to cater for this. To ensure our services are priced competitively, we minimize the cost of providing the services, because this enables us to lower our prices considerably while keeping the profit margin constant. This means that just because we are more affordable than our competitors, our services are not low quality as a result. We also charge per square meter, meaning every customer pays only for the services we offer. We also have the responsibility to complete the project in time. We strongly believe that the best way to reward our customers is to provide affordable services without compromising their quality.


Quality is a serious issue as long as concrete floor polishing is in question. We ensure the floors we polish last for as long as possible before the need to re-polish arises. Our highly skilled craftsmen use ultra-modern equipment to polish your floor and give it a prefect shiny gloss that will last for over a decade. This reduces the cost of maintaining and cleaning the floor, thereby allowing you to enjoy your premises to the maximum.


We understand the value of time to everybody, and because of this we are perfect at keeping to deadlines no matter the size of the project. We typically take three days to complete a sizeable project, whilst larger projects may take longer and need proper scheduling. If your concrete grinding project is large, we will divide it into many phases and let you know when we can complete each until it is completely finished. This way you can plan to accommodate our activities accordingly.

Customer centric approach

We are a modern business that believes our success lies in the way we reward our customers. The interests of you, our customer, come before those of any other. For instance, we have a friendly customer service team working around the clock to ensure our customers are comfortable and thus happy with our services. It does not matter if you have a query, suggestion or complaint about our epoxy floors, polishing or grinding services, get in touch and they will be glad to assist as soon as possible.


We have several designs that you can choose from, and encourage you to visit our website or showroom and see what we have to offer before requesting our services. If you’re still not pleased with what we have for you, we encourage you to make suggestion of what you would really like, and our designers will turn your imaginations into reality. Although our customised designs are more expensive than our standard designs, they offer a greater deal of flexibility and creative control for our customers.

We offer four types of Polished Concrete

Signature Floor Polished Concrete

My Floor has transformed traditional polishing to create a high gloss finish which has high reflection abilities. It does this without reducing the benefits or performance of the traditional polished concrete.

Hiperfloor Polished Concrete

Husqvarna trademarked Hiperfloor assures the customers that this polishing system will give their concrete floors enhanced natural beauty, extra strength and abrasion resistance.

Grind and Seal Polished Concrete

Wwe create grind and seal polished concrete by fine-grinding the concrete surface to smoothen it, and simultaneously applying multiple layers of transparent polyurethane coating. Our concrete grinding services are available in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

Hone and Seal Concrete Polishing

we are experts in honing and sealing, our highly skilled and experienced tradesman use our quality tools and machinery to create a non-slip external floor feature.

If you would like to find out more about our polished concrete floors, concrete grinding or epoxy flooring in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, then give the My Floor team a call today on 1300 693 566 to arrange a viewing of our samples.

Latest Projects

Our Concrete Flooring Options

Signature Floor Polished Concrete

My Floor has taken the traditional mechanical polishing technique to another level and created a finish which is ‘ultra-high gloss’ providing a mirror-like effect without affecting the performance or benefits of traditional polished concrete.

- Signature Floor Polished Concrete-

Hiperfloor Polished Concrete

Hiperfloor is a Husqvarna trademarked concrete surface polishing system designed to enhance the natural beauty, abrasion resistance and strength of existing concrete floors.

- Hiperfloor-

Grind and Seal

Grind and Seal Polished Concrete is created by grinding the surface to create a smooth finish, while applying several coats of a clear gloss polyurethane coating

- Grind and Seal -

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